helicopter wedding in Squamish

Helicopter wedding in Squamish: Colleen + Brice

A few months ago, Colleen and Brice invited us to be a part of their helicopter wedding in Squamish. Hard to say no to that :)! It would be the first time for Jelger and I photographing a helicopter elopement together! You might remember my adventure two years ago, where the couple and I (Tanja) did get to fly, but had to land due to the bad weather. Well, this time around we experienced a whole new dimension of “adventurous”, thanks to our amazing company.

In the days leading up to the wedding things remained uncertain. The weather would change by the hour, going from rain to clouds to fog and back. But luckily, on the wedding day the pilot gave us a go-ahead, and all of us sped to the Squamish airport. Destination: mountain top, for one hell of an epic wedding ceremony.

Let me tell you some more about the couple and their plan. Colleen and Brice are avid mountaineers and for their wedding they wanted to do something special. Next-level special. First, they wanted to get married on the peak of a mountain. But instead of heading right back down again, they’d stay there in a cozy little mountain cabin to explore nature and get some amazing climbs in! Did I mention these two were the next level of adventurous?

Of course, as avid climbers they knew all too well how fickle the mountain weather can get, so they took their precautions. Instead of hoping they’d make it to their one envisioned location, they booked cabins in several areas of the mountain. So that in case the weather turns sour, they can simply fly to one of the backup locations. And it’s good they did too, because we did end up flying to a “plan B” spot, because of foggy conditions. But what a plan B it was!

After an impromptu first look (planned literally at the last moment) the two of them could barely hold their excitement and started “playing helicopter” on the heli pad before take off. But for sure the best part were their lit-up faces as the helicopter flew within  ‘touching’ distance of the impressive mountains and glaciers. Fun detail, Jelger too looked like a kid on Christmas, just one BIG smile. But I didn’t capture that, lol, I was too focused on photographing our clients, hehe

After landing, all of us walked to Lake Lovely Water. What an appropriate name! Once there, we chose a ceremony spot together, that looked absolutely wild and gorgeous! I mean, just look at it! 😉 And next Jeremy, the officiant, lead a beautiful ceremony. First he gave some perfectly fitting adventure inspired advice. Then the couple read heartfelt personal vows. If I wasn’t too busy trying not to fall into the lake, I’d for sure have cried a bit. Between you and me, I did get emotional picking photos afterwards. It was one of those moments that’ll stay with me. These two inspired me! But back t the elopement.

After enjoying a short photo shoot (where we hijacked a canoe, how could we not!), we quickly had to say our goodbyes (the helicopter was on the clock). Colleen and Brice changed into hiking outfits, and handed over their wedding outfits, which we took back to the helicopter base. No need to carry redundant weight during their hiking adventures! And as they waved us goodbye, they slowly faded into tiny dots on top of a mountain next to a gorgeous lake.

Colleen and Brice, thank you so much for trusting us to capture your epic adventure! It was an experience we’ll never forget!


Helicopter wedding in Squamish vendors:

Wedding location: Lake Lovely Water in Squamish and the Tantalus Hut 

Officiant (+ planning!): Jeremy, the Whistler Wedding Pastor

Helicopter wedding company: Black Comb Helicopters

Florist: Senka Florist

Considering your own helicopter wedding? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to join you and are glad to help you find amazing vendors! 🙂

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