Breanne and Jim at Burns Bog

I love it when our clients surprise us and decide to take us to a location we have never been before. So I was excited when Breanne told me they planned their engagement shoot at Burns Bog in Delta. Jelger and I never heard of it before and it turned out to be an amazing hidden gem of a location!

A couple of weeks after the engagement shoot a big wildfire broke out in Burns Bog. Which unfortunately left over 70 hectares destroyed. Even though nature always finds a way to recover, it could take years. It makes all the more grateful to have had the chance to be there before it happened!

Google told me that a bog is “a wet muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body”. Luckily we didn’t get in trouble (although I could have used wellies at the end, heehee). Breanne came prepared with a fun picnic blanket to cover the slightly wet ground. 🙂

Breanne and Jim are two people that clearly have their own way of doing things. I adore how candid they are with each other and I can relate to having a relationship like that. Jelger and I live in our special bubble and love the way we do things, which is often not the way other people do things. 😉 Meeting couples that celebrate their quirks: yes please!

Cheers to drinking milk in wine glasses, celebrating your lego love, incorporating a hint of zombie and dinosaur in your engagement shoot AND letting each other pick your favourite colour of candy. 🙂

Thanks guys for introducing us to Burns Bog  and for the good times! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!!


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