Annabel and Steve’s Vancouver Regiment wedding

We met Annabel and Steve thanks to Lynn and James, who also got married at the Vancouver Regiment. Last year we learned they have some wicked dance moves. 😉 It was fantastic to get to know them better over the past year.

Annabel has become the person with my favourite Facebook feed. 😛 I have no idea how she does it, but the amount of amazing cat (and other animal) posts and random fun stuff makes my day.

Steve is an active member of the BC Regiment and spends a lot of time at the Beatty Street Drill Hall, so of course Annabel knows the place inside out. It was the perfect spot for their wedding. 🙂

I absolutely loved that Annabel had a bridesmaid man. 😀 Why stick to the conventional girls vs guys if you have a great guy friend that you want next to you during the ceremony! I loved it even more that he was included in the getting ready part in the morning too!

Annabel put a lot of thought in all the little details, which made everything fall into place. Despite the hall being a really cool location it’s not evident to make this big space feel cozy and intimate! But she managed to do just that. 🙂  

As sometimes happens in Vancouver, it started to pour rain on the morning of the wedding and it never stopped. Because of the downpour we decided to stay at the hall for the photographs, with the exception of a quick escape onto the roof. Yay for umbrellas! These two didn’t let anything spoil the fun!

On an other note, luckily we did not spot the alleged “second floor ghost” in any of our photographs. 😉

Annabel and Steve, thanks for having us on your wedding day! We wish you an amazing year as newlyweds with tons of Exploding Kittens and new adventures!


PS: I noticed someone with a phone during the ceremony, despite the couple asking for an unplugged ceremony. I’m fairly sure nobody will blame her though. 😉 You’ll see what I mean.

Vancouver regiment wedding photos

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