parisian woman eiffel tower

Paris: the Eiffel tower (and a bride)

When we visited Paris, we just had to pay a visit to what is probably the world’s most photographed tower. Before we moved to Vancouver, we never took the time to actually get on the Eiffel tower. But now we live 5000 miles away instead of 160 miles, so we had to do it!

The amount of people with striped T-shirts (and baguettes) was kind of funny. Yes, I was wearing one too. (I forgot my beret at home) 😉

This amazing garden is the Champ de Mars. I loved seeing the city from high above.

groom bride paris eiffel tower

While enjoying the view, at the place du Trocadéro, Jelger spotted this lovely couple. How beautiful getting married in Paris and having your photographs taken under the Eiffel tower. (Hint hint)

Meanwhile I was waiting for the perfect person to walk into my photograph. (Yes, even while travelling we tend to get carried away)

What about you? Did you ever visit Paris? What did you think of it? Did you take the time to go on the Eiffel tower? 🙂