BC Wedding award: Best portrait bride and groom

We won this year’s Professional BC Wedding award for best portrait bride and groom. It was the best way to end 2016 and even though I was dreaming of it, it seemed impossible!

Jelger and I started our wedding photography business right after we moved across the globe, to a city without any friends and family. English is not our native language and the Canadian way of doing things is definitely different than the European way. Let’s just say the entire process was kind of crazy.  Saying it all happened easily for us would be a big fat lie. Quite frankly we had no clue what we were doing in that first year juggling day jobs and a budding business. I can’t begin to tell you how many tears we cried because we felt powerless. We spent countless hours (and our last penny of savings) to make it work.

I vividly remember our first wedding networking event in Vancouver. Jelger and I hovered around at the buffet shyly. We only met  a handful of people, most of whom we found very intimidating. In a room filled with well established professionals, we felt as if we had nothing to contribute at all. Some even mentioned “it’ll be interesting to see where you’ll be at in x years”. 

I also remember our first time at the BC wedding award ceremony, where we told ourselves it was ok to not make it up there. Ever…  It seemed too much to ask to be part of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver. To receive this award in a room full of people we look up to and to get this recognition for all the hard work was just priceless. Jelger was speechless (that has never happened before 😉 ), so I did all the talking. 

Of course we couldn’t create the award winning photo without our bride and groom Andrea and Eoin, who allowed us to be part of their amazing vision!

Big shoutout for Memento Films, because they shared their video with us! I am beyond impressed with how quick and kind they were! 🙂 Also thank you to Kuna from Kuna Photography to let us share your beautiful photos of the event!

BC wedding award: