Mission Barn wedding, couple in the greens

Mission barn wedding: Alli + Mikk

A rustic Mission barn wedding with a duo of dance loving enthusiasts?! That’s exactly what our past July 15th looked like! I should add that the term “barn” doesn’t entirely cover what the Maeots venue looks like! It’s an amazing old wooden building from the people of the Estonian Society. It’s unlike any other building I’ve seen and I love the Game of Thrones vibe it has. 🙂 Because of the size of the grass fields that surround the venue, the guests had the option of camping out there! Such a great way of celebrating: just walk (or crawl?!) back to your tent after the wedding. 

From our first talks it was very clear that Alli and Mikk knew what they wanted for their wedding! They decided to skip a number of typical wedding traditions such as having a bridal party, cutting the cake and doing a bouquet toss. Instead they focused on other things that were important for them. For instance their fabulous long cocktail hour with appies and lawn games, so they could hang out with their guests and have fun. Jelger and I were extremely impressed by the frisbee in one hand, beer in the capabilities of some friends.

Another highlight for them was the food. And oh man, was that ever good! They had a giant roasted pig that was smoked behind the venue in the tailgate barbecue from Smoke and Bones. And of course they had plenty of good beer to accompany the excellent bbq meat!

One of my favourite moments of a wedding is the first dance. It’s often a moment of soaking it all in. I LOVE how long the song was, haha, a photographer’s favourite thing to happen. 😉 Alli and Mikk’s first dance was rather fabulous. So was the rest of the dancing, where Alli proved worthy of the “interpretative dancing trophy” she received during the speeches.

Thanks so much for having us guys! 


PS: Big hug to Cristie from Umbrella Events! She’s always so fun to work with! 🙂

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