Grouse Mountain snowshoeing

Grouse Mountain snowshoeing in the fog

Grouse Mountain is a great location for weddings and engagement shoots, but this week we had the pleasure of exploring more of the mountain while snowshoeing!

Jelger and I took the skyride up around noon and headed towards the trail known as “the Grouse Grind for winter”. If you’re not from Vancouver, the actual Grouse Grind is a grueling hike up Grouse Mountain. It serves for many locals as a workout regimen. They can time themselves with tracking devices and it gets competitive! Jelger and I both tried it before and decided not to do it again. Mostly because the only view is the steady stream of hikers that join you up the “stairs”. 😉

The snowshoe grind (or winter grind) however is entirely different! While it’s of course still a bit of a workout, it’s definitely not as busy or as intense. And when the fog clears, the views are spectacular.

We were out of luck when it came to views. At the top all we could see was a thick blanket of fog. But that didn’t make this trip any less beautiful. The forest on Grouse Mountain is just spectacular and not what I expected at all! I always assume the trees become smaller and sparse when you snowshoe up a mountain. And while this showed true at certain locations, we also passed some of the biggest and most majestic trees I’ve ever seen!

The fog and the hidden views didn’t take away of feeling in vast and beautiful nature. And as always with snowshoeing, I felt very peaceful thanks to the muffled sounds. Snow is the best insulator.

Enjoy to photos to get a feeling of what it was like! And I’m sure we’ll be back to see it on a Sunny day!


Photos snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain

If you’d like to visit Grouse Mountain, find out more information here. Interested in joining us up the mountain for a photo shoot, get in touch with us today and we’ll plan an adventure together!