Joffre Lakes snowshoe adventure

Joffre Lakes snowshoe adventure

Two weeks ago, Jelger and I enjoyed a Joffre Lakes snowshoe adventure in Pemberton! We hiked up to the Upper Lake in a densely snow-covered scenery. Our goal: try out our new hiking poles (yay, Costco!) while snowshoeing and carrying big backpacks. We’re still dreaming of winter camping on the snow before it melts away! 😉 I’ll let you know how that goes!

Until this trip, the last time we visited Joffre Lakes was 3 years ago! It’s amazing how different everything looks in Winter! If you’re longing to see all the fluffy white gorgeousness, right now’s your best chance.

I loved how calm the environment felt, but not as much as how much fitter I felt compared to 3 years ago. Since then, Jelger and I have definitely upped our hiking game and it makes the climbs way less excruciating. 😉 While prepared with our snowshoes and poles, we passed a couple of brave souls taking on the challenging steep slopes with regular hiking shoes (although some sliding did occur, lol). So rest assured, even if you’re not going all out gear-wise, you can still enjoy the views!

A couple of things to keep in mind when you’re there though: it’s avalanche country, so make sure you check the local conditions before you leave.

When the seasons start to change, it’s not always clear where the ice is melting and where it’s safe to walk. So we always think: when in doubt, don’t do it! 😉 But enough about the preparations and gear. 😉

Why do I love snowshoeing so much? Because there’s something magical about it. It’s like meditation, but for me, it feels better than trying to sit still and quiet my mind’s chatter. A snowy landscape has an instant peace for the senses. All I hear is the rustling of the wind and the sound of my steps. And everything smells of snow and pine trees. There’s nothing left but walking in silence. The thoughts in my head dissolve slowly until all that’s left is a calm enjoyment of exercising my body and watching the scenery.

So far, I’ve only experienced this state of mind while hiking in nature. Nothing else has given me the same effect. 🙂 Nature therapy at its best.

I hope you get to enjoy the beauty of British Columbia in the same way I do and if you’re ever up for an adventure, you know where to find us!


Joffre Lakes snowshoe photos