golden sunset in Horsefly at the Sunshine Ranch

From drifting to focused

So far this season has been the busiest one ever for our business. The past couple of months have been absolutely amazing and filled with shoots all over the Lower Mainland and beyond. I have yet to write about a lot of the weddings we have photographed. 😉 And it’s not slowing down until somewhere in October. 

But being busy often means: slowly drifting away in a warm and comfy current of work. It means knowing in advance what my days will look like. The schedule dictates it all. It also means the occasional extremely long day, followed by a day of being tired. And this creates the danger of “busy work”, which implies me loafing on social media and taking twice as long to complete my tasks. So before I know it, I’ve drifted away and forgotten about the bigger picture.

Now what is this bigger picture? As you probably know by now, we are wedding photographers for spontaneous and adventurous brides and grooms. These values are the core mission of our business. But for us this mission is about more than just work. We ARE spontaneous and we ARE adventurous people. Our bigger picture to celebrate these values and incorporate them as much as possible in our lives.

For me being spontaneous means: a random afternoon trip to nature, happy dances, taking an alternative route, eating something that seems risky at first. And it’s about speaking my mind and allowing myself to blurt out bad jokes and weird trains of thought. Regardless of what others may think.

So what about adventurous? It’s about being and feeling independent and following my gut. Doing my own thing, embracing uncertainty and taking a leap of faith. 

Two weeks ago, we were at a wedding in the interior of British Columbia (Cariboo region). EVERYTHING there felt like a big wakeup call. I realized how much I had drifted and that I need to get serious about following our mission. Besides growing our business our dream is to own a cabin in the middle of nowhere, to grow some vegetables and fruits and to hunt and fish for our own meats. To find a respectful and loving connection with nature and everything around us.

Right now this seems like a faraway dream for many practical reasons. Especially since we’re currently city people and have no experience with the outdoors, other than hiking. But practical reasons should never hold us back. Instead of slowly drifting, we have taken the first baby step: Jelger has just completed the course and exam to become a hunter. Mark my words, in a couple of years we’ll invite you to come visit us in our cabin. 😉


PS: The forest fires in the Cariboo region caused the orangeness and hazy sky in these photos.