Diving engagement photos in Whytecliff Park

Diving engagement in Whytecliff : Lisa + Luke

Lisa and Luke are both passionate and experienced divers, so incorporating diving into their engagement session in Whytecliff Park was a no brainer!

I love it when our couples have a hobby or job which I don’t know anything about, because it gives me a glimpse into a whole different world! In this case quite literally, because below the surface truly is a whole different world! Lisa showed me some photos from their dives. And I’d have NEVER known that Whytecliff Park has all these amazing sea creatures. So next time you’re in West Van looking at the ocean, know that these two might be right exploring underwater, saying hi to an octopus or a hermit crab. 😉

When I think about diving, I also have to say you must really trust your partner! The process of getting into the suit is INTENSE, it takes about 30 minutes. And Lisa and Luke often helped each other out. But especially when in the water, you have to know your partner has your back. I think couples that dive together stay together. (I have absolutely nothing to base this on, other than seeing Lisa and Luke going through the entire process of getting ready, lol. 😉 )

Before the two of them changed into their gear, we walked through the park together, enjoying the views. Whytecliff looks different every time, no matter how often you visit it. It’s just gorgeous!

And when it was time for them to change, I loved how Lisa has pink accents and Luke has green accents on his diving suit. So fun! 🙂 I brought a camera underwater casing for the occasion, because I thought I could take some photos of them underwater. While Lisa warned me that Whytecliff isn’t like the Caribbean with limited visibility, I somehow still wanted to try it. I should have listened to Lisa, because the actual underwater photos are ehm, artistic green blur? 😉 But I’m happy I joined them in the water, because I still took photos that would have been impossible without camera protection. 🙂

Lisa and Luke, thank you for the fun engagement shoot and for inviting us into your diving world. We had a great time and are excited about your wedding!


Whytecliff diving engagement photos

Behind the scenes

We often forget to take (or post) these, but today we’ve got two for you! 😉

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