beach engagement photos in Vancouver UBC

Vancouver beach engagement photos: Meagan + Ian

Meagan and Ian joined us at Acadia Beach, a beautiful wild beach in Vancouver, for their engagement photos! These two travelled all the way from Edmonton for their shoot and vacation. I love how Jelger and I meet more and more couple for a “destination engagement shoot”. Whether it’s in Vancouver or elsewhere, such a fun way to both celebrate your love AND your awesome trip. 😉

We got to spend an hour with this duo, which we divided between “hopping into the forest” and going down to the water. I have to confess that the water brought some surprise for us! While I’ve been out there at high tide, that day it was SUPER HIGH tide. (is that a thing? 😉 )

When you hear “beach engagement photos”, you might think about sandy stretches, but not in this part of Vancouver! Acadia Beach is all pebbles and rocks. And instead of those, we were greeted by the water that came right up to the trail! Luckily Meagan and Ian felt adventurous and joined us in climbing on tree trunks and exploring the area in a different way! Nature always has some way to surprise us, hehe. It’s part of the fun!

Thanks so much for adventuring with us guys and we wish you an amazing wedding in Edmonton! 🙂


Beach engagement photos in Vancouver

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