couple photos in 100 Mile House

Couple photos in 100 Mile House: Dalana + Justin

When Dalana asked us to join her and Justin for couple photos in 100 Mile House, we knew we were in for a treat! A cabin weekend with awesome people in the middle of nowhere and taking photos on a frozen lake? Yes please. 😉

The drive up to the Cariboo region was quite something! While yes, we live in Canada, the temperatures in Vancouver rarely dive more than a few degrees below zero. But the closer we got to 100 Mile House, the more the temperatures dropped and the more frozen the roads became. By the time we arrived at our destination, it was -13 degrees Celsius and we barely made it through the snow. But we’ll have snow chains by next time, lol.

I love how Justin and his family have an entire system figured out for maintaining their cabin in the best state possible. For example, all the windows are covered with shutters and because of the temperatures, the water and electricity are shut off when nobody is there. But thanks to the team effort, things were started up in no time. The second day, Jelger helped out shoveling snow, which he was so excited about. I’m just thinking: wait until we get a cabin ourselves and you have to do this ALL THE TIME, hahaha. It’s a workout!

The sauna was also amazing!! Isn’t the human body amazing that when warmed up enough, we’re able to wander around in freezing temperatures for a bit? Rubbing myself with snow was intense, though, haha.

Dalana told me when they’re in 100 Mile House in Winter, the main activities are playing games and eating. And as it turned out, it was not an exaggeration , hahaha. I felt on a culinary excursion and had a great time getting to know them and their friends better. 🙂 The fact that Dalana is an amazing cake artist in Vancouver definitely upped the dessert game! Check out some styled shoots we did together here and here.

On the day of our photo shoot, temperatures were still way below freezing point (-13 degrees Celsius) and it was snowing lightly. But that couldn’t stop us from doing a full-on Winter couple shoot. We walked out onto the giant frozen Horse Lake and had the best time! Dalana and Justin rocked it (literally!) haha. They were absolutely amazing together and busted out some hilarious dance moves. 😉 So glad this adventurous duo braved the cold temperatures with us!


Couple photos in 100 Mile House

Are you considering your own couple photos in 100 Mile House? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Winter or Summer, rain or shine, Jelger and I are always up for an adventure. Our province is so beautiful and the 100 Mile House region has a special place in our hearts!