Coquitlam wedding couple portraits

Coquitlam wedding: Daiana + Dennis

Past September Jelger and I had the pleasure of photographing Daiana and Dennis’ Coquitlam wedding. To say it was only in Coquitlam would actually be an understatement. They included several amazing spots in Vancouver, Burnaby and Port Moody! 

My morning started with Daiana and the girls in a lovely suite. One of my favourite moments was when Daiana’s sister decided to get in the tub to write her speech. It must have been surprisingly comfy in there, because another bridesmaid decided to join her! 😉 I was also happy to see our former bride Anca as a bridesmaid, we photographed her wedding in 2015! It makes me feel extra special to know several people at a wedding. <3 

Meanwhile on the boy’s side, Jelger hung out with Daiana and Dennis’ adorable puppy Max. The groomsmen gave Dennis a full-on wet shave according to the Romanian wedding tradition. You need a lot of trust to let someone else shave your face! (I don’t think I’d let Jelger shave my legs, cough).

Next, the couple had an adorable first look at Rocky Point Park. I always love first looks. No judgement if you don’t have one, but man, it’s romantic. 😉 It was also the first time Jelger and I worked together in this park! The dramatic cloudy sky certainly made it look spectacular! 

Afterwards we headed over to the St Nicholas and Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church. The church accommodated our couple by providing them a Romanian ceremony including the traditional crowns. 

It doesn’t happen often that we get to photograph our couples in two separate locations. But Daiana and Dennis took the time for the family photos and some more couple photos at Burnaby Mountain. Luckily, the rain stayed away for long enough and it was absolutely beautiful up there. Jelger told me he loves the totem pole with the bear. (find it in the photo 😉 ) 

The couple entered their reception in style on a red carpet and spent the rest of the night partying hard! Moments that I’ll definitely remember are when they tricked Dennis during the garter toss by quickly replacing Daiana’s leg with a hairy men’s leg. 😉 Their guest who suddenly danced on his hands surprised us too! And seriously good dancing too!! I also enjoyed the moment when Daiana’s mom provided her with some marriage necessities, such as a big jar of nutella. 

Daiana and Dennis thank you so much for having us at your wedding! 


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