Joshua Tree National Park

Big reset and travel photos from Joshua Tree National Park

Whew, this is my first blog post since March and since the COVID-19 lockdown. I tried to write a “how to get married during COVID” blog post, but since the regulations and recommendations changed on an almost weekly basis, I gave up. If you do want to know, message me, because I’m up to date, lol.

Jelger and I went from having a busy schedule to having a completely empty schedule almost overnight. A long overdue and much anticipated family visit in Belgium never happened. And many of our clients made the hard decision to move their party to next year. (They all deserve a big hug for how they approached that.) From March 15th until the end of May, all our other shoots ended up cancelled or postponed. The future looked very bleak.

But as always in life, change creates opportunity. This mandatory time-out forced us to focus on our personal wellbeing. And to learn about being ok with the not-knowing.

I truly believe that one’s biggest strength in life is embracing not knowing and being able to surrender to change.

Change can happen in so many different ways. Yes, we couldn’t visit Belgium (and still can’t without being in a 2-week quarantine in both countries), but we’ll get to see more of our beautiful province instead. And yes, our business changed a lot, but we’re having so much fun with all the elopements and microweddings (even though I don’t like the term, lol, can we change it? How about just “intimate weddings”?) that are happening right now.

You’ll see our couple photo posts appearing again really soon! And for now enjoy our photos from the beautiful dessert in and around Joshua Tree National Park. Even during this vacation I had to surrender to change, btw. I spent all of it except for 2 days, sick as a dog in my bed in our airbnb. So Jelger got to do the amazing hikes I planned on his own, lol. But I’m still grateful for those two days and will most certainly return when the borders open up again! I never imagined the dessert to be so full of life. It’s stunning!



Joshua Tree National Park