vancouver cute white kitten

3 reasons to volunteer (and one of them is cute kittens)

Before we moved to Vancouver and became wedding photographers, volunteering never occured to us. Jelger and I worked more than 45 hours per week and hardly got to spend time together. When we did have some time to spare we just relaxed, which usually consisted of  hanging in the sofa watching television.

Once in Vancouver we changed our ideas and now we’re both board members of an association of Belgians (the BCABC) and I love taking photographs for the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Organization. (VOKRA). We’re even working on launching a huge volunteering project ourselves (more about that in the near future).

So, why would you volunteer?

1. It gets you out of your house.

I believe it’s very important to spend free time outside, meeting new and interesting people, which might even benefit your professional life. Through VOKRA I have met lovely ladies  who helped our wedding photography business move forward, not to mention lots of cute kitties. 😉

2. It broadens your horizon.

I believe it’s important to explore new perspectives in life and volunteering has brought me to parts of society and the city I didn’t even know existed. Getting out of your comfort zone broadens your horizon.

3. It makes you feel good.

Helping makes you feel good. Through volunteering you contribute directly to your community and the feeling of accomplishment it brings is unique.

Onto the cute kitties!