Squamish elopement

Squamish elopement: Colleen + Spencer

Colleen and Spencer’s elopement in Squamish was without doubt one of our favourite days in 2020. The two of them travelled to Squamish from the East Coast (which was totally A-ok in September, btw!). And they planned an unforgettable trip to the West Coast, including a helicopter elopement with just the two of them. We got to be there to be a part of it!

When we arrived in Squamish a while beforehand, we noticed there were quite a few clouds hanging over the mountains. An ominous sign for helicopter flights. But we didn’t think too much of it and decided to enjoy a coffee before going to the meetup location. That’s where we received a phone call from Spencer, saying that the helicopter might not take off. The weather could potentially clear up, but no guarantees.

No problem for us, as we come prepared with backup location ideas, but course we were rooting for them! We decided to meet the two of them and the officiant at the flight hangar anyways to get the final verdict of the pilot. And low and behold, as if some kind of miracle happened, 15 minutes before takeoff, the weather turned perfect!

Colleen and Spencer’s ceremony had everything I loved in an elopement ceremony: beautiful vows, a good laugh and all the deep feelings. When Colleen pulled out her vows, Spencer couldn’t stop laughing: it was a giant sheet of paper. 😉

After the ceremony, we explored the views with the two of them. The mountains in Squamish have such a unique vibe for an elopement. And when we get not only mountain views, but an epic rock- and glacier view and an amazing couple… spoiled photographers. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Nature inspires me so much! Luckily Colleen and Spencer were up for climbing up some hills and walking through the rock debris! After landing back in the valley, we spent some more time with them for portraits. We visited the beautiful Cheakamus River and a forest location.

Colleen and Spencer, you guys recharged our creative batteries and made it extra fun for us! 😉 We’ll invite ourselves over when the pandemic is over, lol, and you’re always welcome here!


Squamish elopement vendors

Helicopter company: Black Tusk Helicopters (We love them, they’re SO friendly)

Officiant: marriage commissioner Hilary Fisher

Muah: Kerry Waring

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