Halloween Styled shoot in Vancouver

Halloween styled shoot

Once in a while I (Tanja) get to do a photography project without Jelger, just for fun, such as this Halloween styled shoot! What started as me wanting to photograph…

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Bedroom stories

If you've been following us for a while, you might have read this post about us decluttering and getting rid of our sofa. We created more zen in our living room last year.…

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BC Wedding award: Best portrait bride and groom

We won this year's Professional BC Wedding award for best portrait bride and groom. It was the best way to end 2016 and even though I was dreaming of it, it seemed…

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Ok, here it goes: one of my most embarrassing photos from my student days. This is what my studio looked like at pretty much any typical day. I took this photos when I met…

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Wreck beach and a fresh start

Yesterday I went down the 500 stairs from Wreck Beach, discouraged by what I witnessed around me: dozens of people, all dressed in thick coats and many of them holding…

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A Wish To Wed

I've never talked about A Wish To Wed Society on our website, but after last weekend, I just have to! For some reason I'm afraid to come across as bragging when talking…

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