Cecil Green wedding

Cecil Green wedding: Whitney + Charlotte

I’m very excited to share Whitney and Charlotte’s Cecil Green wedding on our blog today! 🙂 It’s a great time of the year to reminisce on all the people we met and the fun weddings we photographed. Whitney and Charlotte’s wedding had so many unique little touches, it makes me smile to go through the photos. <3

This was the first time Jelger and I photographed a couple getting ready in the same house and room! Most of all we enjoyed seeing the entire bridal party and the two of them in one space. But before heading out to Cecil Green Park House, they took their time and enjoyed a lunch together. Charlotte, who is an alumna at Green College, got special permission to have photographs taken there. While Jelger and I have been at Cecil Green before, Green College was a first and man it’s beautiful there!!

If you remember their engagement photos, you probably remember James Brown, their amazing chocolate labrador! He was the star of the bridal party with his adorable flower collar. 😉 And he did a great job as ring bearer too later in the day.

After the group photos, we got to explore a bit with the two of them, including a short trip to the Trail 3 entrance, because (I quote Charlotte) “It looks like the Jurassic park forest”. It totally does. 😉 Absolutely lush, green and amazing.

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional. I definitely had to blink away some tears. The couple spoke heartfelt personal vows. I also love how they included thanking the First Nations for use of the land.

The rest of the night was all about having a good time! There were lawn games for the guests, hilarious speeches and a live band (The Phonix) for their first dance and the dancing!

Whitney and Charlotte, thank you so much for having us!


Cecil Green wedding photos

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