When I photographed a birth

On November 27th 2014, I photographed a birth.

Before continuing, I have to thank my friends Geert and Chris from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to be a part of one of their lives’ most intimate moments. I’m humble and forever grateful that you wanted me there with you, during every step of the VERY long way. 😉

I won’t get into details, nor will I share sensitive photographs. I’m writing this post because photographing this birth has changed me and the way I want to shoot.

Never before have I felt more present and in the moment than in that little hospital room.


There was no constant urge to check my phone and to be online, no curiosity about what the outside world was doing, no fear of missing out, no nothing. Just two people fighting an intense battle. Together. I was there, being aware of every emotion, every little moment and every vibe.

I allowed myself to experience my unfiltered emotions. I felt scared and helpless when things didn’t go as planned. I bawled in the surgery room (it ended with a C-section) when I saw their faces when they first laid eyes on their son.

But most of all, I felt their connection. The way he knew she felt, without speaking a word. The little moments they shared in between the pain. And when I look at the photographs, I can see that connection again.

This is what I want when I photograph your wedding. I want to be present in the moment with you. I want to be the unfiltered me and I know I’ll be touched by what I’ll discover.