Wedding planning tips

how to plan helicopter elopement

How to plan your adventurous helicopter elopement

If you're considering a helicopter elopement or adventure, this post is for you. Over the past couple of years, Jelger and I had the pleasure of photographing a few…

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plan an unplugged wedding

How to plan your unplugged wedding

When you're planning your wedding, you've probably come across the term "unplugged" before. In case you're not familiar with it, it means not having guests take photographs…

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Vancouver engagement photo locations

17 great Vancouver engagement photo locations

I decided to write this post because a lot of couples are searching for the perfect engagement photo locations in the greater Vancouver area. In this post I'll only share…

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walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle: more than one way to do it

We are so used to certain wedding traditions, such as walking down the aisle, that we don't even question them. I definitely didn't think twice about the aisle walking until…

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candid wedding photography

What is candid wedding photography?

We often hear the term "candid wedding photography", but what does it mean? For photographers ‘candid’ means that the subject in the photo is not looking straight into the…

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adventurous hiking elopement in Vancouver

Adventurous hiking elopement tips

We're stoked to share this epic, styled, adventurous hiking elopement that Jelger and I photographed last June! Try saying "epic styled adventurous hiking elopement" tree…

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elope in Vancouver

How to elope in Vancouver

I'm sharing these tips on how to elope in Vancouver, because it's so easy once you know the practical details! More and more couples choose an intimate wedding rather than a…

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engagement photo tips

Engagement photo tips

Yay, you're engaged and it's most likely the first time you're having professional photos taken together, so here are 7 engagement photo tips for you! Engagement photo tip…

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rustic wedding inspiration with hay

What is the best time of the day to take outdoor wedding photos?

A lot of brides and grooms to be wonder what is the best time of the day to take wedding photos. Well, let me give your opinion as a professional wedding photographer. First…

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Vancouver rainy day wedding tips

Vancouver rainy day wedding tips

In Vancouver rain is always a possibility, so I'm sharing this post with rainy day wedding tips with you! Hint: it doesn't have to spoil your fun! ;) A bit of preparation…

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wedding day family photos

7 tips for your wedding day family photos

We all have memories of photo time with our family when we were kids (or adults!).  Often we remember a feeling of boredom: everyone lining up, smiling at the camera...…

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a couple at the sea to sky gondola for a wedding blog about timeline tips

Wedding timeline tips

A good wedding timeline can make your life so much easier! Let's be honest, a wedding can be pretty hectic and packed with all kinds of events. It all comes down to project…

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Outdoor wedding photos: 5 tips on making the most of them

Outdoor wedding photos, they may or may not be a mystery to you. As wedding photographers for spontaneous and adventurous couples, Jelger and I photograph a lot in the…

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Grouse Mountain wedding inspiration

Grouse Mountain is not only a fun place for skiers, it's also a beautiful wedding venue! Jelger and I will photograph a real Grouse Mountain wedding in April. But for now,…

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Why you want a first look on your wedding day We first found out about "the first look", after our own wedding photographer suggested it to us! We're so glad she did, because we…

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