Railtown’s tailgate BBQ in Vancouver

A 12-foot smoker/barbecue barrel, 35-hour Texas-style beef brisket, applewood-smoked pork shoulder, beer-brined Fraser Valley chicken and D’Original Sausage Haus brats. Drooling yet? I am. 😉 Now add tabatha’s jalapeño cornbread, corn on the cob and two more sides. Top it off with a signature cockail or a cold beer. Railtown’s tailgate barbecue event last Saturday was epic.

Why am I writing about BBQ? First because it’s BBQ! Second, because Jelger and I are food snobs. Growing up in Europe we were spoiled when it came to food. Both home cooking and restaurant meals were synonyms for fresh ingredients and no strange artificial stuff. (what’s yellow 5 anyways?) We also learned to LOVE the purpose of ingredients in a dish: taste, texture, colour… It’s in there for a reason (and “cheap filler” is not a valid one). Are you worried about inviting us over for dinner yet? 😉

And then we moved to Canada. Let’s say we learned to read the nutritional labels. But I admit we definitely appreciate the variety of Asian cuisines available in Vancouver. I sure could go for hot pot or Korean BBQ right now.

As wedding photographers we get to taste a lot of food. Hurrah! This gives us the opportunity to compare many catering companies. Two years ago when we first tried appies from Railtown Catering, we were sold. It’s Jelger and my favourite catering company in Vancouver. And after their last BBQ event, I love them even more! They stepped out of the kitchen, threw chunks of wood in the smoker and rallied the neighbourhood for a good old family style grilling fest.

This time I was here to take photographs, but on the next event I will be lining up for my share of that glorious brisket, pulled pork and corn bread. Care to join me? Not kidding, email us!