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Get a taste of Railtown Catering

amazing appetizer railtown catering vancouver wedding photographer

Warning: you will be hungry after reading this blog post. Drooling might occur. 😉

toast beef egg mushroom amazing appetizer railtown catering vancouver wedding photographer

A while ago we enjoyed working with Railtown Catering at an event. By now you probably know that we are crazy about food, so imagine how happy we were to find such an amazing caterer in Vancouver! Not only did we get to taste most of the food you can see in this blog post, they were also gracious enough to grant us an interview.

What services does Railtown Catering  provide for weddings?

Our product extends beyond our delicate and delicious menu to offer our clients full event services, ranging from natural and trendy décor concepts and exceptional service team standards to arranging a live jazz ensemble or interactive oyster shucking station – any vision can become reality. Throughout our planning process your wedding theme is always in consideration, your colors and concepts will have a constant presence in every decision we make from designing your menu to putting your logo on cocktail napkins or a towering branded back-lit ice sculpture.

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What is Railtown Catering’s specialty?

Our chefs hold a high esteem of using quality, locally sourced products designed with a trendy take and based on classic french cuisine, our 72 hr braised beef shortrib on fresh made polenta with braised pearl onions served out of our gorgeous Le Creusets is definitely a winner for family style wedding dinners!

Although personally I take pride in designing the specialty cocktails and welcome beverages for our clients special events, my favorite recent cocktails included edible flowers frozen into the ice cubes and housemade caramelized pineapple juice with rosemary syrup.

foie gras amazing appetizer railtown catering vancouver wedding photographer

What makes Railtown catering unique in Vancouver?

Railtown Catering brings the food culture of LA to Vancouver. Our Owning Chef Dan Olson was the Beverly Hills Hotel Executive Chef and Railtown Catering is his brain-child, being originally from Vancouver but working in the most luxurious kitchens around the world he’s proud to bring concepts to this city that no one else has even considered yet.

We are unique, we’ve left the old stuffy service standards behind and we hire and train real people to give genuinely friendly and charismatic service, out with pinky’s and noses in the air and in with servers who care, who smile, and who are allowed to work with their tasteful tattoos showing and to let their personalities shine.

Do you work with special requests?

Every canape and cocktail menu I create for a client is specialized to them and their needs, this is the beauty of being a growing company, we are forging the way and along our path we can be creative and have fun with any request coming in.

Tell us about a wedding you’ll never forget.

Panic Wedding!! We were actually featured on Global News last summer for making a wedding happen with literally 2 days notice – the Bride and Groom originally had a venue booked on Galliano Island, the venue included all catering and rentals. The venue burned to the ground 2 days before their wedding. Their wedding planner called us, we helped them find a new venue, we emergency called all of our staff and amazingly pulled everything together and served a gorgeous dinner that all of the guests loved. The Bride called us after receiving her invoice crying and thanking us! It was truly amazing!

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What would be your best advice for brides who are looking for a caterer?

To find a good fit! It’s your wedding and you need every aspect to be a positive interaction! To find a company that shares your values – and above all find a caterer whose food you love. Finding a great wedding planner will lead you to the right caterer, all good people have good connections and can help you source the right connections to perfectly fit your big day.

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Special thanks to Marli for answering our questions, Laura for the great cooperation and the Railtown team for the amazing food.

Find out more about Railtown Catering on their website, facebook page, twitter feed or Instagram feed. Or even better: go taste their food at the Railtown Cafe!