Sam + Kyle’s sparkling couple shoot at Vancouver False Creek

Last week, we chased the sunset at Vancouver’s False Creek together with Sam and Kyle!

An amazing couple that we owe the honor of keeping a car pet. In our case: Cedric the skunk (check our instagram feed and you might discover him lounging in the sun on top of a mountain). During our first meeting Sam told us about Steve, a giant stuffed penguin that lives in the back of her car. He’s also their loyal sidekick on their road trips. Steve has made for some interesting looks of border guards whenever they cross the US-Canada border.

We loved the idea of having a car pet and found ours last June. We were scouting the mountain top at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. When strolling through the gift shop, our eye caught the cutest stuffed skunk. Five minutes later Cedric got his honorary seat in our car and he’s been faithfully guarding since.

Back to Sam and Kyle. Since they’d chosen False Creek as their location, we met nearby at the Allegro Café on Cambie Street. It’s without a doubt one of our favorite new coffee hangouts. Spacious, great coffee and wonderful gluten free snacks (the coconut macarons are to die for). We talked about life and their (and our) upcoming travels. Since we trust in Sam’s choices, we’ve added their upcoming destination to our bucket list: South Korea. It’s awesome when our clients share our love for traveling around the world :).

For the photo shoot, we started out in Vancouver’s buzzing Olympic Village. We were just in time to catch the final golden sparkles on the city’s skyline. Next, we ventured East along the False Creek shoreline and finished at Cambie Bridge. Sam totally surprised us with how swiftly she moved on her high heels. Even when jumping from rock to rock in Hinge Park (or as I call it: “the little island”) she was nothing but elegance. But enough about the locations.

Sam and Kyle are magical together. Hell, it was impossible to miss it! The gentle way of how Kyle pulled Sam closer to him and the tiny sparkles in her eyes whenever she looked at him. What makes the two of them even more special, is that they found the perfect intellectual match in each other. Two smart cookies that will without a doubt invent something revolutionary and world changing. 🙂

Halfway the shoot the sun had set and we took a break over a cup of tea. But the best part of the adventure was yet to come: nighttime photos. Sam loved the idea of creating some sparklers shots, so what better backdrop than the city lights of downtown Vancouver!

I secretly confess that when it comes to sparkler shots, my handwriting is the one thing that makes me a little nervous. Let’s say that it’s… interesting :). But things went smoothly and I’m pretty sure it was quite the entertainment for our clients. Not to mention the countless joggers and cyclists passing by: a  crazy person running with a sparkler in her hands. The results were great though 🙂

Sam and Kyle, thanks again for working with us! You two are amazing 🙂


False creek couple photos