Anca and Elis’ engagement experience in Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

Anca and Elis. How much we love these two! They booked us last year for their upcoming July wedding. But a couple of months ago, Anca contacted us with a cunning plan for Elis’ birthday, which is today so congratulations Elis! She’d take him out for drinks, all dressed up under pretense of going on a dinner date. But what he didn’t know was, that we’d meet them for a full-on engagement shoot. It took us the full three seconds to reply ‘hell yeah, we’re on board!’

And so last Sunday we sneaked up on the birthday boy and his fiancée while they were cozily enjoying cocktails in the sun. He didn’t have a clue of what was going on. Perfect. Mission accomplished! Kudos to Anca for managing to keep it all a secret! Tanja can’t keep secrets from me at all, somehow I seem to detect when she’s planning something 🙂

We had a blast during the shoot. Both Anca and Elis looked stunning in their date-night clothing. What Elis didn’t know was that we had another surprise waiting for him. Halfway the shoot he and Anca would change into the jerseys of their favorite soccer teams (Bayern München for Elis, Barcelona for Anca) and goof around with a ball. He didn’t see it coming!

We ended the evening with a sunset walk along the beach of Ambleside Park, overlooking Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park.

Anca and Elis, thank you so much for the wonderful time. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a month!

Surprised by soccer at an engagement shoot? Don’t be! Tanja and I love adding your meaningful activity to  engagement shoots because it makes for a unique experience. And don’t hold back in choice of activity by the way. Give us your best shot, and let’s do it together! We love a good adventure anytime :).