Road trip across Vancouver Island

Thick raindrops hammered on the windshield as we weaved through the rush hour traffic. We’d just missed the last ferry  to Vancouver Island, and were told we could…

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Moving countries and “supposed to’s”

Jelger and I moved from Belgium to Vancouver about 4.5 years ago. It's such a journey to witness how my feelings about Belgium have changed and evolved over time. At first…

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Adventure travel in Calabria Italy

A little over a month ago, I discovered some incredibly affordable plane tickets to the South of Italy ; Lamezia Terme to be exact. No, I hadn't heard about it before…

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Horseback riding at Sundance Guest Ranch

At 14 years old, a horse kicked me in the leg. It happened at a children sports camp. My horse got too close to the one in front of it, causing it to anger and kick…

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A spontaneous road trip to Oregon Coast

Waves raced towards us at a speed we could never outrun. They looked intimidating. Huge waves, rolling with a thunderous noise that abruptly ended in a…

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joshua tree death valley

What happened in Vegas…

We had no idea what to expect from our trip to Vegas. The different stories about WPPI (a huge photography convention for wedding and portrait photographers) had one…

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sunset on a mountain near osoyoos british columbia photo

Winter road trip through Alberta

As I took the last photos of Pyramid Lake, Tanja started the car. Our next stop was Maligne Canyon. We walked from the deserted parking lot to the canyon. The snow…

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self portrait jelger vitt tanja aelbrecht jasper photo

Icy road trip in the Canadian Rockies

A big sign with flashing lights read: "Poor winter travel conditions". It didn't exaggerate, a thick blanket of snow hid the road. We looked at each other, doubted for a…

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notre dame paris dramatic

Paris: the finale

You probably know by now that in June we made a trip to Paris, and that we took a lot of photos there. We could actually make a couple several more blogposts with the…

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vintage lantern paris france

More goodness from Paris

Photographers as we are, we made a truckload of photos in Paris. So many that we have to spread them in a few posts. Tell us if you're getting a Paris overdose! ;)…

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parisian woman eiffel tower

Paris: the Eiffel tower (and a bride)

When we visited Paris, we just had to pay a visit to what is probably the world's most photographed tower. Before we moved to Vancouver, we never took the time to actually…

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travel photos belgium

3 weeks of Europe

Today's our last day of a three week journey through the country we once called home. Words are lacking to express how we feel right now, so we'll show you some of our…

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medieval castle in belgium

A trip down memory lane: city views of Ghent

Tanja and I used to live in the fair city of Ghent. Since moving to Vancouver in October 2011, we haven't returned, until now. And for the first time, we were able to…

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jSunrise at Flanders’ fields Loenhout in Belgium

Sunrise in Flanders’ fields

We got off the plane in Amsterdam on June 4th. The next few days we had the pleasure to stay in Loenhout, close to Wuustwezel. It's a small town, with a lot of farms. Thanks…

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Vancouver wedding photographer Jelger

Turning 30 in an airplane

Today, I'm turning 30. And it makes me think. Not just about my age, but about my life and where I'm at. For some turning 30 is no more than "meh, what else is new",…

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