Squamish sunset elopement

Squamish sunset elopement: Sharon + Bert

When we first talked with Sharon and Bert about their sunset elopement, Squamish was an option, but it wasn’t set in stone. This adventurous duo takes adventurous to the next level and does multiple day hikes in all seasons. That’s why they were also considering an overnight hike for their elopement. But after careful consideration, they preferred to have a small group of close loved ones present. Which of course called for a more easy to reach solution.

So while there was no extreme hiking involved, the two of them still put their parents and friends to work! They jokingly referred to it as a workout wedding, because in order to find the best view, everyone joined in a short, but steep walk. 😉 Everyone agreed that it was all worth it. And I’m sure they’ll all remember this adventure!

As happened with a lot of couples, Sharon and Bert’s original wedding plans for a big wedding in France fell through because of Covid. But in spite of just “pausing all plans”, they decided to have a meaningful elopement ceremony instead. From personal vows, to their friend partially officiating, it felt so intimate. And with that beautiful sunset in the background, surrounded by the mountains… a moment to hold dear.

By the way, can you believe that Sharon made her own dress?!?! She told us that because of the pandemic she had extra time on her hands, so she made her own dress! Incredible!

Thank you very much for having us join you for your memorable sunset celebration Sharon and Bert! We hope you had a lot of fun with all the snow camping afterwards!


PS: A side note about these two is that they hold the leave no trace principles in high regards. This includes being mindful of location tagging on social media such as Instagram etc. It’s something that keeps coming up for us too. As photographers we get to know so many beautiful places. And over the years we see them become incredibly busy or worse, destroyed. Of course everyone has the right to enjoy nature and nature shouldn’t be exclusive. But we do think it’s important to not tag every place you visit, so people can explore for themselves. (and “spread the load on mother nature” so to speak)

Squamish sunset elopement photos

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