Sea to sky gondola elopement weddings in Squamish, BC

We’re super excited to be photographing elaborate elopements on August 22nd 2015, organized by the amazing Melissa and Natalie from Cahoots Creative!

It all started a couple of weeks ago when we met Melissa over coffee. Our conversation quickly brought us to our mutual love for thinking out of the box. That’s when she told us about the elopement weddings at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish BC. We were immediately enthusiastic about it and decided on the spot to become the event photographers.

Last week Jelger and I visited the location for the first time. My goodness, such an amazing spot! We’ve driven by many times, but never noticed there was such a gorgeous venue up there. It was a good reminder of how important it can be to slow down and actually notice your environment. 😉

And slowing down we did. We relaxed, soaked up the sun, enjoyed the amazing views, goofed around and had a good time. As we were leaving, I lost Jelger in the gift shop and found him in the stuffed animal section. The only way to convince him to come with me, was by bribing him with his new friend, who now lives in our car. Meet Cedric the skunk. He’ll be joining us on many road trips.

It’s days like these, that make me realize how many small trips and fun adventures still await us! I’m forever grateful to live in such an amazing place as British Columbia. Summer, here we come!


The elaborate elopement of August 22nd includes (and can have additional customizations):

  • a private 90 minute wedding at the Sea to Sky Gondola wedding venue
  • custom designed ceremony and styled lounge area
  • floral bouquet and boutonnière
  • officiant
  • food and beverages
  • live music
  • 30 minute photography session (with the 2 of us!)
  • custom designed marriage announcements

Get in touch with Melissa for more information!


Photo credit for this photo: Cahoots Creative