The best wedding venues in Squamish

Squamish, the outdoor capital of Canada. Needless to say Jelger and I love it out there and it’s an absolutely fabulous place to get married! We checked out some of the amazing outdoor wedding venues and locations Squamish has to offer. Mountains, the beautiful Howe Sound Inlet, lush forests… Stunning: check! 😉

These are the best outdoor wedding venues in Squamish (let us know if you feel we missed one!). And keep in mind that most places offer options for elopements and intimate weddings too in Covid times.

1. The Sea To Sky Gondola


We might be slightly biased, because we photographed a couple of weddings up there before, but my goodness, what a stunning location! Not only do you get to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains, you can even use the suspension bridge as your aisle!

bride walking down suspension bridge aisle at the sea to sky gondola

Amount of guests: 120 for the function room, more when you plan on having your wedding outdoors.

Amazing pointers: You’re on top of a mountain (stunning sunsets!), there’s a cool suspension bridge. The indoor space looks amazing even with minimal decoration!

Restrictions: There is a time restriction for the gondola until 9pm (on Friday and Saturdays, the other weekdays the last ride down is at 7pm in Summer). The time that the gondola is working can be extended at an extra expense. In-house catering only.

Sea to sky gondola wedding

Check out their website right here!

2. Cheakamus Centre

Cheakamus centre wedding venue

First of all this place has the absolutely most green/soft looking/mossy forest that I’ve ever seen in BC. It’s absolutely gorgeous! You could get married in the middle of it. Or facing the river and the mountains. 😉 This eco friendly building can host A LOT of guests! After the party, your guests can book a cabin at the facility!

wedding ceremony setup at the Chaekamus centre

Amount of guests: up to 200

Amazing pointers: Very diverse views close by each other! You could have photos in the forest, next to the smaller Duck Pond and at the Cheakamus  River with a mountainous backdrop! All within a 5 minute walking distance!

Restrictions: In-house catering only. This is not really a restriction, but definitely think about your decor, because without extra decorations, the indoor space looks somewhat basic. 😉

Cheakamus centre wedding photography

Check out the Cheakamus Centre website right here! We loved photographing this forest wedding here!

3. Furry Creek Golf & Country Club

This place is truly a hidden gem! We’ve driven by so many times on the Sea To Sky Highway without realizing it’s there! 🙂 Get married  next to a stunning waterfall or get higher up and enjoy a view of the Howe Sound Inlet. You’re guaranteed to get to the best spots for wedding photographs, thanks to the golf course’s guided drive.

Amount of guests: about 150

Amazing pointers: We loved the diverse nature looks for photos! And even better that the staff drives you around in a golf cart (including the club’s private beach)! Have your cocktail hour in the country club’s designated room next to the waterfall: gorgeous!

Restrictions: In-house catering only. Your guests will have to drive about 20 min. to the nearest hotel after the party. (There is a Bed & Breaksfast close by)

Check out their wedding packages right here! Or take a look at this beautiful wedding we photographed at Furry Creek!

4. Eagle Valley Retreat

We recently photographed an intimate wedding here and loved all the possibilities of this unique location! Eagle Valley Retreat is definitely a lesser known wedding venue in Squamish! Of course we were especially charmed by the beautiful nature and how private this spot is!

Amount of guests: up to 200

Amazing pointers: It’s totally private, so no tourist and onlookers. There are accommodations available for the couple and 24 guests on the property.

Restrictions: No cellphone reception. (there’s wifi in the house) A long drive for your guests if they need to head back to a hotel afterwards.

Get more info about the Eagle Valley Retreat here.

5. Cheekye Ranch

Squamish wedding venue Cheekye Ranch

We recently visited the Cheekye Ranch for the first time and were beyond impressed. When entering the property an adorable potbelly pig greeted us and we could see the horses right away. How amazing is it that they rescue, rehabilitates, and re-homes horses in need! And talking about horses, you can go for a ride on your wedding day!

But of course it’s about much more than animals. 😉 The ceremony location, has epic mountain views and you can stay at the ranch in a yurt, or camp here. It’ll for sure be an experience for all your guests!

Amount of people: Up to 300 guests

Amazing pointers: The ceremony location with majestic mountain backdrop. All the adorable animals on the property. Riding horses on your wedding (if you’re up for it)! The experience of camping (or glamping) and accessible fire pits.

Certain restrictions: Exclusive supplier for rentals.

Check out the Cheekye Ranch wedding info on their website or check out a wedding we photographed there!

6. Sunwolf

When you want your wedding to be more than a one-day experience, Sunwolf is the perfect place to be. You reserve the entire campground (including the 10 cabins) and get to spend the weekend with all your guests! Have your rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding day and finish the festivities with a post-wedding brunch on Sunday. Not to mention waking up to the sound of a river and looking out on a mountain. How fantastic is that!  The entire place is pretty much a blank canvas with an outdoorsy vibe.

Amount of guests: up to 250 if they don’t mind camping in a tent! The cabines can accomodate a total of 54 people. 🙂

Amazing pointers: make your wedding into a weekend experience with all your guests, lots of nature and good vibes (just go, you’ll see what I mean!) oh, and a fire pit to end the night roasting marshmallows while singing songs. If you use the recommended catering (Fergie’s Café), you get an amazing discount!

Restrictions: The entire camp ground needs to be booked by you for 2 nights.


Check out their website right here!

7. Squamish Valley Golf

How did we not know about this location until after we got back from our venue trip?! Luckily Google made sure we didn’t forget to include this venue with stunning backdrop of mountains! (Sorry, no photos from us!) Check out the wedding page on their website, which includes a lot of details right here.

Amount of people: 150 (indoor dinner) or 250 (outdoor dinner)

Amazing pointers: The ceremony view with the mountain backdrop. Stunning! I’m also loving their BBQ menu. 😉

Certain restrictions: In-house catering only. No ceremonies before 4pm (because of the golfers) and no dinner before 6pm.

Thank you for reading our post about wedding venues in Squamish all the way until the end! If you have a great location for us to check out, get in touch with us! We’d love to know about it!

8. Sitka Farms

Squamish’s newest wedding venue edition in 2020, what a gem of a location! With it’s stunning renovated barn, the rain forest with ferns (yay ferns!) and river with epic mountain views, we have no doubt this place will book up quickly! Check out the Sitka Farms website for more info here.

Amount of people: 120 capacity

Amazing pointers: The rustic barn is unique in Squamish. And what a large variety in epic landscapes!

Certain restrictions: No cellphone reception, so be prepared!

Thank you for reading our post about wedding venues in Squamish all the way until the end! If you have a great location for us to check out, get in touch with us! We’d love to know about it!