Spanish Banks wedding proposal

Spanish Banks wedding proposal: Annabelle + Andrew

Andrew had the perfect vision for his wedding proposal to Annabelle: he’d do it on the beautiful beach of Spanish Banks. Not only is it a gorgeous location, it’s also close to UBC, which has a special meaning for the two of them.

As always with a wedding proposal, it requires a little bit of planning and we had a Skype call together to figure out all the details and the perfect spot at Spanish Banks’ beach. While Jelger and I would pretend to photograph the mountains (or seagulls, lol), the two of them would stroll by on the beach and pause at the designated spot.

At Spanish Banks, the city is so beautiful in the background and yet, you can choose to turn the other way and see the North Shore mountains! And let’s not forget about the elegant willow trees of course! We’re forever lucky to live here. For the proposal, the ocean and the city were the perfect background.

I was excited that Andrew chose a time later in the evening, so the light was gorgeous. (Yes, the closer to sunset, the nicer the light!) And the weather turned out amazing too! We couldn’t have wished for a better day. I absolutely love Annabelle’s face when he went on his knee. Goosebumps! And extra points to Andrew for bringing champagne to toast right after!

During the rest of the shoot, I could tell Andrew was so proud of his fiancée, and the two of them looked so happy together. I’m glad we got to document this moment for them. Soon they’re embarking on a big move (yes, to moving countries as a couple!!) to xxxxxx. So it’s extra special to have these memories in Vancouv to look back at!

Andrew and Annabelle, we wish you guys an amazing new start! Congratulations!


Spanish Banks wedding proposal photos

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