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3 weeks of Europe

Today's our last day of a three week journey through the country we once called home. Words are lacking to express how we feel right now, so we'll show you some of our…

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medieval castle in belgium

A trip down memory lane: city views of Ghent

Tanja and I used to live in the fair city of Ghent. Since moving to Vancouver in October 2011, we haven't returned, until now. And for the first time, we were able to…

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jSunrise at Flanders’ fields Loenhout in Belgium

Sunrise in Flanders’ fields

We got off the plane in Amsterdam on June 4th. The next few days we had the pleasure to stay in Loenhout, close to Wuustwezel. It's a small town, with a lot of farms. Thanks…

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Vancouver wedding photographer Jelger

Turning 30 in an airplane

Today, I'm turning 30. And it makes me think. Not just about my age, but about my life and where I'm at. For some turning 30 is no more than "meh, what else is new",…

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view over the okanogan

Our second wedding anniversary

We can hardly believe it's been 2 years since our wedding! On May 28th 2011 Jelger and I said ''I do'' and since that moment our lives have changed so much. To celebrate,…

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crow resting on silver statue at vanier park vancouver

Gut feeling

I often struggle with losing touch with my gut feeling. Years of living in a certain way, led by what society dictates as being right, probably doesn't help. When…

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thaw drops on green leafs in queen elizabeth park

Too many what-ifs

When Tanja and I started our business together a year ago, both of us decided to combine it with our day jobs. Evidently, it would take time to generate enough income…

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Olive branch in a tuscany sunset

How I lost and found my rhino

Today, I'd like you to tell a story that I was recently reminded of while rummaging through the treasure pocket of my Moleskine notebook. It's the story of how I lost and…

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rocks at wreck beach vancouver

Shared passion

When I met Jelger, things felt right. It felt like coming home after a long exhausting journey. We quickly grew very fond of each other and loved spending every free minute…

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non violence memorial of caen

Remembrance Day

In 2007, one of the first times I traveled with Jelger, we did an improvised camping tour through the little towns and beaches of Normandy. It became a World War tour…

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nero belgian waffle bar robson vancouver

Interview with Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

When Tanja and I first moved to Vancouver we thought we'd have to say goodbye to some of our favourite Belgian delicacies such as waffles. Of course, you can find waffles…

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