Maple Ridge elopement at Alouette Lake

Maple Ridge elopement at Alouette lake: Claudia + Gerson

As is often the case with photographing in Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge, everyone attending Claudia and Gerson’s elopement wedding at Alouette Lake received an unexpected surprise!

Because an elopement is always somewhat spontaneous, anything can happen! Whether it’s the environment or the weather or… in this case, the weather took an unexpected turn for the better! So instead of a greyish day, such as the days leading up to their wedding date, it was suddenly HOT. And all the tourists came out. It was so busy that the entire parking lot was full and we had to walk quite a bit to the trail. On top of that the excited tourists occupied every part of beach. 

Luckily, instead of feeling disappointment, Claudia and Gerson embraced the moment and when the officiant declared the two of them husband and wife, EVERYONE on the beach cheered, even the people on floaties on the lake. It was such a special moment! Although when looking at the photos, you might think they were there alone with their small group of loved ones, hehe. 😉 

After taking some family and group photos, these two just went all out! Every fun idea that popped up in their minds became part of our shoot. Including kicking some water and hijacking a white swan floatie. And all that at the beginning of the shoot, totally fearless of what might happen to their outfits, hehe. 😉 

Total sidetrack: Claudia and Gerson, who are Mexican, shared a recipe with us that includes jicama, cucumber and chips. We tried it later at home and it is so tasty! It’s fantastic when our couples share our excitement about food and teach us new things to try! (If you want to get into it, here’s the recipe, hehe, better brush up on your Spanish!) 

Back to the forest, where we continued the rest of their session while chatting about life and adventures. One of the things that always amazes me about this location is the incredibly green water in the river! Loved that a friendly sunbathing couple, allowed us to borrow “their rock” at the river for a couple of portraits.

Claudia and Gerson, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll have many more spontaneous adventures together! Thanks so much for having us along for this one!


Vendors Maple Ridge elopement at Alouette lake:

Wedding officiant: Suzanne Starrie

Florist: Lotus Flower Boutique

Reception dinner afterwards: Saba Cafe and Bistro.