West Vancouver wedding ceremony

Law Court’s Inn wedding: Fiona + Daniel

When Fiona and Daniel first told us about their Law Court’s Inn wedding, we were truly surprised! After all these years in Vancouver, we had absolutely no idea that there was a BIG wedding venue above the Law Courts in the heart of downtown!

The two of them had many more surprises in store, though. 😉 First of all, with their love for nature, they chose to get married in the beautiful West Vancouver Baptist church. With it’s wooden structure and big windows, surrounded by forest, it felt a bit like being outside. 

When going to the rehearsal, Daniel did a backward flip while walking down the aisle. We first thought: no way he’s doing that in a suit?! But yep, he did!!! Most impressive walk down the aisle ever! 

All this epicness was followed by one of the most emotional moments I’ve witnessed to date at a wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church when Daniel saw his bride for the first time walking down the aisle. Even Jelger had some dust in his eyes. 😉 I should add that Fiona wore her mother’s wedding dress and hat for the ceremony. Amazing that they got to share that with each other!

As it sometimes happens in Vancouver (and especially in April 😉 ), the day of the wedding it was raining. However, this was no ordinary rain, it really was a total downpour! You know, when it kinda rains from the side and you know you’ll get wet regardless? Luckily with a couple of umbrellas and thanks to the way the venue is built, we still got to take some photographs outside with a city backdrop.

It was clear that the entertainment of their guests was a high priority for Daniel and Fiona and the number of creative games that night was amazing! Just see for yourself. 😉 

Thanks so much for having us guys! I’m sure our paths will cross again in future adventures!


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