Honeymoon photos in Vancouver: Erica and Ivan

Erica and Ivan contacted us to photograph their  honeymoon photos in Vancouver. As soon as they mentioned their passion for the outdoors and travel, we knew we were in for a treat! Their wedding took place in Virginia, but they planned their honeymoon in Vancouver. The West Coast has a lot of green forest, which they love. So they brought their wedding attire for outdoor photographs!

Usually when chatting with couples from out of the country, we suggest a couple of locations ourselves. But this duo was so enthusiastic that they did a lot of location scouting themselves and decided to go for Lynn Canyon. We were utterly impressed, because Lynn Canyon isn’t a location that often pops up in tourist guides. It truly is a hidden gem. It was the perfect place to find a ton of different shades of green. 😉

We learned that Erica an Ivan are super active people that love to go out and explore! She is a fitness instructor and they love mountain biking together. I’m still Instagram stalking them 6 months after and it’s so fun and inspiring to see them do all these amazing outdoor activities together. I love it when we share the same values as our couples! To quote Ivan:

“The Journey itself is the point”

Wise words to live by. It felt as if our photoshoot together was a journey too! While we definitely appreciate all the beautiful nature in Vancouver, since this shoot I have a renewed appreciation for our trees and all the moss. It’s easy to take it for granted that we have evergreens here, but Erica and Ivan told us about how different it is where they live. I challenge you to take a good look next time you’re in a forest. First you think “it’s all green”. But when you start looking closer, you see so many different shades of green and pockets of light falling in everywhere. It’s amazing.

We saw big ferns, different types of mosses, different greens in the trees… it was gorgeous! And all within a short walking distance from the parking.

Thank you Erica and Ivan for having us! Your newly married smiles warmed our hearts. 🙂

honeymoon photos in vancouver

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