fall engagement photos

Fall engagement photos in Vancouver: Macky and Riis

These two had a special reason for wanting to do fall engagement photos. Each fall they love walking through the autumn coloured neighbourhoods and enjoy the beautiful colours together. Especially with Macky moving to Vancouver from Alberta, where the fall looks a bit different with less “reds”.

The two of them told us they had never had their photo taken professionally. But despite some initial nerves, of course they nailed it. 😉 Stanley Park was a great choice for them, because other than the fall leaves, they also like the beautiful water views.

The day of their shoot was a sunny, but extra cold day! One of those crisp fall days where you definitely need a warm jacket. We got to choose where to shoot (yay!) and ended up spontaneously stopping at a different location than initially planned. The views at that little beach were just too good. 🙂 Kudos to Macky for braving the beach in her shoes, that were definitely not beach shoes. 😉 And for braving those sudden wind gusts too!

Amazing side story about this duo: Macky loves playing Zelda and Riis gave her a triforce engagement ring! He told us he was so excited, he couldn’t even wait to propose and just told her. How nice is that! 🙂

Thank you so much for having us Macky and Riis! We hope you two get to enjoy many more fall walks together and we’re happy we got to join you on this one!


Fall engagement photos

Are you interested in planning fall engagement photos? Get in touch with us here and let’s plan a date for you! Keep in mind that the fall colours are dependent on a number of things, such as the location, temperatures, rain and wind. (f.e. with a lot of bad weather, the leaves might fall sooner etc.) Some places in Vancouver experience fall colours sooner than others, so location flexibility is a good idea!

If you’re visiting Vancouver and want to learn about amazing locations for fall leaves, Tourism Vancouver wrote a post with Fall Colour suggestions. 🙂