a couple at the sea to sky gondola for a wedding blog about timeline tips

Wedding timeline tips

A good wedding timeline can make your life so much easier! Let's be honest, a wedding can be pretty hectic and packed with all kinds of events. It all comes down to project…

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Outdoor wedding photos: 5 tips on making the most of them

Outdoor wedding photos, they may or may not be a mystery to you. As wedding photographers for spontaneous and adventurous couples, Jelger and I photograph a lot in the…

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Grouse Mountain wedding inspiration

Grouse Mountain is not only a fun place for skiers, it's also a beautiful wedding venue! Jelger and I will photograph a real Grouse Mountain wedding in April. But for now,…

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Why you want a first look on your wedding day

We first found out about "the first look", after our own wedding photographer suggested it to us! We're so glad she did, because we cherish…

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vancouver wedding photographer first aid kit

18 must-have items for your wedding day emergency kit

A wedding day is guaranteed to be full of surprises. Mostly fun ones, but sometimes not so fun ones too: a sudden gust of wind that pulls loose a strand of the bride's…

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what to wear tips getting ready wedding day vancouver wedding photographer

4 tips for better getting ready photos

These tips will help you getting the most out of your getting ready photographs! As you can see, we had some fun doing making these. ;)…

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wedding cake details decorating

The Cake & The Giraffe

We discovered The Cake & The Giraffe while browsing on Instagram. Dalana is super talented and has a great sense of humour, so we knew we had to meet her! The first…

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