Acadia Beach couple photos

Acadia beach couple photos: Michelle + Chris

Acadia Beach was on the top of Michelle and Chris’ list for couple photo locations. It’s always great when a place has a special meaning for our clients! After moving to Vancouver a couple of years ago, the two of them have lived in Kitsilano, where they love the nearby beaches. And Acadia Beach has the benefit of being right next to a beautiful stretch of forest on the other side of the road. The couple will move back to the East Coast at some point in the future, so they chose to go on this photo adventure to remember their time in Vancouver! We think that’s a great idea! 😉

I actually should mention the three of them, because they brought their adorable dog Porter to the shoot! Yes, the name Porter comes from the beer, which both of them enjoy, hehe. Absolutely adorable. At the time of the shoot, they had her for 7 months, but you could tell she’s already completely integrated in the family. 🙂 Michelle and Chris told us that Includes the three of them loving camping together! They came prepared, btw, with a couple of friends that took care of Porter when photographing without her! This is a great tip for everyone wanting to bring their pet for photos. Bring your friends or drop your pet off, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Thank you so much again for having us Michelle and Chris! We hope the remainder of your time in Vancouver will include a lot more camping, bbq-ing and fun with friends!


Acadia Beach couple photos

Another benefit of couple photos on Acadia Beach is that the beach is also accessible all year long! You can contact us here to book your own session or to ask any questions you might have!

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