Vancouver wedding photographers for spontaneous brides with a passion for adventure in British Columbia.
Jelger and Tanja provide Vancouver wedding photography for couples planning a wedding in or around the Vancouver area.
If you're looking for the best Vancouver photographer for your wedding in BC, you've come to the right place.
These photogs are also considered among the top in the destination wedding photographer community.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Brides looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer have found Jelger and Tanja to be the best in wedding photography in British Columbia. Couples who love this husband and wife team for their spontaneity as well as their straightforward approach to shooting weddings. You'll find your time with these photogs to be not only enriching, but thoroughly enjoyable. Their wedding photography has been cherished by brides and grooms from around the country. From start to finish, these Vancouver photographers are best in the wedding business.

Vancouver Wedding Photography

Fining professionals that truly specialize in Vancouver wedding photography is often a challenge for brides. There are thousands of people that can make images with their camera. However, finding a real pro for their wedding in Vancouver, BC can be a challenge. Jelger and Tanja provide incredible Vancouver wedding photos that truly capture the bride and groom being themselves and enjoying their wedding day. Whether it's an engagement session in Vancouver or a beautiful wedding any time of the year, this husband and wife team create amazing pictures and lasting memories for years to come.

Vancouver Wedding Photography Prices

Looking for wedding photography prices in Vancover? Learn more here. Jelger + Tanja love to provide our clients with custom wedding photography quotes that always include two photographers and plenty of coverage. With a wedding fee starting at around $3,500, brides will find that these pros provide an incredible amount of value for the price.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Do you love to travel as much as these destination wedding photographers love to? Feel free to book this wedding photography team for your destination wedding anywhere in the world. They love to travel and actually believe that all couples should spend time together abroad. They even believe in the adventure of new beginnings in a foreign country. Why not start the journey off right by hiring these wedding photographers for your destination wedding!

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